the love that remains
A wife must terrify, she must have a stronger arm than a boyar, and she must know how to rule. That’s all that matters, in the end.
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so I was watching supernatural with the subtitles on and then..

You too, Booby


I’m so done.

but what really distresses me is that i saw this and my brain immediately went “Supernatural: season 4 episode 6, Yellow Fever”

i have officially reached the point of no return

No, Point of No Return was season 5, episode 18

"It’s not only the ones with the trophies who are the great champions. James has been brilliant, making great plays, scoring great goals, and he can leave here with his head held high, because he’s already a World Champion for everything he’s done at this World Cup."– David Luiz. (x)


ehh random huge art post reference stylesheets for various eras please excuse any inaccuracies c: